Workshops are a great way to get an in-depth, unique Broadway experience. The teaching artists who lead our workshops are Broadway professionals from the shows your clients are seeing. We offer a variety of workshops to cater to different interests, as well as the option to create a customized experience to suit your group’s specific interests and abilities.

Experiences for Performers

Acting Workshop (not show specific)

This interactive class is designed to help students improve their acting skills through a series of exercises. The professional acting instructor provides confidence-building critiques in a fun, supportive atmosphere. These classes can be customized to cover a variety of topics including script analysis, character development, cold reading or scene study.

Audition Technique Workshop (not show specific)

A perfect class for serious theater students to perfect their audition skills. 6-8 students will perform a one-minute monologue or a 32-bar song cut of their choice (prepared in advance) for a professional Broadway performer. The students will experience first-hand what a Broadway audition is like and receive supportive and constructive feedback. The performers will also demonstrate how they audition for casting directors by singing a cut from their own song book. The mock-auditions will be followed by a Q&A for the entire group. Please note: 8 students max will be able to participate in the mock-auditions due to time constraints.

Dance Workshop

“5, 6, 7, 8!” Led by a Broadway dance captain or dancer, your clients will learn choreography from a hit Broadway show. Your workshop can be customized to feature choreography from the show your clients have seen. In addition, the students will learn about the life of a Broadway dancer and find out what it takes to dance 8 shows a week! Appropriate dance attire and footwear are required.

Musical Theatre Workshop

In a Broadway rehearsal style setting, your students will learn a section of music and choreography from the show of their choice. They will experience the many components of a classic Broadway number: music, lyrics, choreography and blocking. Our professional music director will teach the vocals, and then a Broadway performer will teach the accompanying choreography.

Vocal Workshop

Eight shows a week? No problem. This master class will teach your choir or vocal group how to protect their voices while optimizing their vocal potential. Our music director and a Broadway performer will teach the students a section of music from their show as well as offer professional breathing and warmup exercises. In addition, our instructors can give feedback and fine-tune a piece from the group’s own repertoire.

Band/Orchestra Workshop (not show specific)

This master class, led by a conductor or musician from a Broadway show, will enable your orchestra or band to enhance its musicianship. To take maximum advantage of the opportunity, we suggest that the group select a piece from their own repertoire. Our conductor will rehearse the score with them to fine-tune it and offer a fresh perspective. At the end of the session, the instructor will discuss the life and career of a professional musician and conductor in New York.

Experiences for Performers & Non-Performers Alike

Improv Workshop (not show specific)

Every actor knows the importance of being prepared for the unexpected onstage. These classes, taught by professional improv coaches and performers, will help your students, both individually and as part of an ensemble, hone their improvisational techniques and build their self-confidence through a variety of fun, interactive exercises.

Makeup Workshop (not show specific)

Led by a professional Broadway makeup artist, this interactive program focuses on the techniques of theatrical makeup, such as ageing and special effects. Groups will learn about how makeup artists create various looks from the tribal- and animal-inspired makeup, in The Lion King to how Elphaba goes green in Wicked. Afterward, some students may get the opportunity to be a makeup model, time permitting.

Meet the Artist Talk-Back/Q&A

These informal get-togethers provide an opportunity for your group to spend time with a performer from the Broadway show of your choice. In an intimate setting, the performer will share backstage anecdotes, Broadway insights, and describe his or her journey to Broadway. Then at the end, the performer will sing a song either from the show or his/her audition book. If the group prefers, these talk-backs can also include people from other theatrical professions such as costumers, scenic and prop artists or production stage managers.

Stage Combat (not show specific)

A professional stage stuntman or fight coordinator will teach your group to master the techniques of effective — and safe — stage combat. Specialties include punching, slapping, falling, grappling, kicking and more. Under close supervision, students will participate in a simulated combat session. The instructor will also demonstrate how fights and combat are choreographed on stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most workshops take place in rehearsal studios in the Broadway area. Workshops for larger groups may take place outside of the theatre district due to size restrictions, but will be located as conveniently as possible.
Workshops can be customized for all ages, but most of our workshops are appropriate for kids ages 10 and up.
Participants should dress comfortably, as most workshops are active. For dance workshops and classes, participants are encouraged to bring appropriate dance clothes and shoes.
Each workshop is private and designed specifically for your group based on your needs and preferences
Workshops are a fun opportunity to explore and learn about the theatre, and can be enjoyed by all. Additionally, our workshops are custom designed for your group, and include those specifically for non-performers.
Let us know what you’d like to do, and little about your group (level of experience/ability, age range, and special requests of needs), and we can do the rest. Our teaching artists have a wide range of professional experience, from actors to technicians, and create a variety of unique experiences.
Workshop check-in can take a little time, as building security will generally need to check everyone into the rehearsal studio. You’ll want to allow extra time for security, and getting everyone into and out of the rehearsal studio.

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