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Paradise Square

Set in New York City in 1863 as the Civil War raged on, an extraordinary thing occurred amid the dangerous streets and crumbling tenement houses of the Five Points, the notorious 19th-century Lower Manhattan slum. Irish immigrants escaping the devastation of the Great Famine settled alongside free-born Black Americans and those who escaped slavery, arriving by means of the Underground Railroad. The Irish, relegated at that time to the lowest rung of America?s social status, received a sympathetic welcome from their Black neighbors (who enjoyed only slightly better treatment in the burgeoning industrial-era city). The two communities co-existed, intermarried, raised families, and shared their cultures in this unlikeliest of neighborhoods.The amalgamation between the communities took its most exuberant form with raucous dance contests on the floors of the neighborhood bars and dance halls. It is here in the Five Points where tap dancing was born, as Irish step dancing joyously competed with Black American Juba.But this racial

  • Ethel Barrymore Theatre
  • Broadway
  • Musical
  • 243 West 47th Street
  • 2:35
  • 02/22/2022
  • 03/20/2022

Set in the now-gone historic Five Points district of New York, Paradise Square is a new musical about the collision of race and politics as seen across the bar in the neighborhood bar, Paradise Cove.

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