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How many is a group?
The minimum is set by the producers. Usually it’s 15+ for one performance. The group size is listed for each show.
How do group orders work?
After you place an order, OOB contacts the box office. The box office informs us if tickets are available and when payment is due. We then invoice you with the details. If the performance is sold out, or the price you requested in unavailable, we contact you to discuss your options.
When is payment due?
Payment policies are set by each box office and vary depending on the show and date of performance. Please note that the box office can cancel your order without notice if payment is not received on time.
How do I get my tickets?
We FedEx ticket anywhere in the U.S. for a $20 delivery fee. If you prefer, they can be left at the BO in your name.
What if I don’t know the size of my group?
Order the maximum number of tickets you’d need. You can decrease the number any time before you pay with no penalty. It’s always easier to reduce an order than to add to it.
Is there any fee for your services?
There is a 10% service fee for groups only when the tickets are non-commissionable to us.  We'll always inform you when we charge a service fee, and quote the inclusive price. Often, Sat eves and holidays are non-commissionable.
What if I want premium seats and they’re not listed here?
As premium prices change frequently, we don’t always list them. Please contact us for this info.
What if I don’t know if a show is appropriate for my group?
We see every show on Broadway before it opens. So just call us, and we'll be happy to match your group with the right show.
What if I change my mind?
Submitting your order does not obligate you to purchase tickets. Prior to payment, you may cancel your order without penalty, or reduce it (as long as the order continues to meet the group minimum).