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Rocktopia, a live concert that fuses the best rock songs of last century with some of the best classical music, highlights the works of Mozart, Queen, Beethoven, Journey, Handel, U2, Tchaikovsky, Pink Floyd, Foreigner and Copland, The Who, and more. It features an array of rock, Bway and opera vocalists as well as a five-piece rock band, a choir of 40, and an orchestra of 20.

The concert is divided into movements centered on themes like love, angst and rebellion. So Puccini's romantic "Musetta's Waltz" is coupled with the Beatles' "Something;" Rachmaninoff's yearning Piano Concerto No. 2 will turn into Heart's "Alone;" and Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" will wail and rage next to Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze."

  • Broadway Theatre
  • Broadway
  • Other
  • Broadway (52/53 Streets)
  • 2:20
  • 03/20/2018
  • 03/27/2018
  • 04/29/2018
  • 10
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