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The Ferryman

This play is set in Northern Ireland in 1981 during "the troubles," a period when the country was wracked by unrest and violence that bordered on civil war. At the Carney farmhouse, preparations are being made for the harvest. A day of hard work and a night of celebration lie ahead. But this year, these activities will be interrupted by a visitor.

The NY Times' Ben Brantley described The Ferryman's London run as "fiercely gripping" and said the play "overflows with storytelling vitality." It won the 2018 Olivier as Best Play.

The playwright is Jez Butterworth (Jerusalem), and the director is Sam Mendes, a Best Director Oscar-winner for his debut film American Beauty. His most acclaimed productions includes his dark interpretation of Cabaret and his James Bond movies Skyfall and Spectre.

  • Bernard B Jacobs
  • Broadway
  • Play
  • 242 West 45th Street
  • 3:15
  • 10/02/2018
  • 10/21/2018
  • 07/07/2019
  • 10
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